The Dallas Cowboys take on the New England Patriots during Week 6 of the 2021 NFL season.

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40 comentarios en «Bye Bye New England! INSANE Ending Cowboys vs. Patriots»
  1. Interceptions are a funny stat, in that they are almost 100% opportunistic. If a QB never threw a pass near you as a defender, you would never have an interception, obviously. So a lot hinges on the defender being able to place himself in a 'high opportunity' location within the defensive scheme. And even that, in a lot of cases, still isn't enough. You still would need the QB to throw a ball in your area! So basically it's a "at the right place at the right time" scenario, and not so much a skill.

  2. Have said for many years now…there needs to be a stat/category involving 'interceptions by tip,' (IBT), for QB's. Many times a perfectly thrown ball will be tipped by an intended receiver and intercepted. The interception will absolutely show in the QB's stat line, but might be 100% not his fault. In these cases, the (IBT), should be charged to the receiver who initially tipped it, as well as an asterisk next to this interception in the QB's stats!!!

  3. Uses players celebration for clicks and views but yet fines them interesting something seems pretty corrupt here just like what you guys did to Ezekial Elliot when he did the salvation army celebration lol squeezing every last dollar out of these players sad to see

  4. Yeah what happened to the Dallas cowboys when they played the Broncos and that was without Von Miller and it was strange the station that aired the game had to take off the game because the Cowboys looked like a little league team they was making the fans look like they are stupid for believing in them and it ain't even December yet.ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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