(12 Sep 2003) SHOTLIST

APTN – 12th September 2003, Hotel Ritz, Madrid
1. David Beckham arrives
2. VS David Beckham posing for photos

APTN – 12th September 2003, Press Conference, Madrid
3. David Beckham walks into presser
4. WS press conference
5. SOT David Beckham: «You know I’ve got so many fans around the world and, you know, different age groups from young children, boys and girls, to nans and granddads so I think people just like reading a nice story – and it is a nice story. It’s from my heart book and everything that’s in the book is the truth»
6. press cutaway
7. SOT David Beckham: «Headlines can sometimes cause misleading of words and things like that but I think that, as I have said, there is a lot more positive stuff in there about Sir Alex Ferguson because I have spent 15 years being managed under him and he gave me the chance to be the player and person I am today and he has given a lot of other young players that I’ve grown up with a chance. So as I said, if you read the book there’s a lot more positive stuff in there than there is negative.»

APTN File – 22nd June 2003, Tokyo
8. David and Victoria Beckham at airport

APTN File – 20th June 2003, Tokyo
9. David Beckham arriving at hotel
10. David Beckham signing autographs for Japanese school kids

APTN – 12th September 2003, Press Conference, Madrid
11. SOT David Beckham: «The bubble Beckham is out there and of course it effects our children but we try our best not to let it effect our two sons. Brooklyn thinks this is just what happens to every mummy and daddy, that every mummy and daddy signs autographs and has their picture taken and everyone screams at the children and Brooklyn, you know, he enjoys it. He’s not affected by it, he doesn’t get upset by it, well sometimes he does, but of course we’re out there, we’re in the public eye and we’ve come to terms with it, that’s the way it is, and that’s it really.’
12. press cutaway
13. WS Reporter – ‘Do you have bad hair days like the rest of us?
14. SOT David Beckham: «Of course I do. Now it’s grown a bit more, it’s a bit of a mess first thing in the morning, but I’ve had quite a few hair do’s over the last ten years and I probably will do as long as I keep it. Of course I have bad hair days but thankfully it’s looking okay today.
15. exterior Hotel Ritz Madrid


England soccer captain, David Beckham launched his revealing autobiography, My Side, today in Madrid.

The Real Madrid star posed with his new book «My Side» for photographers outside the Ritz hotel before fielding questions at a press conference inside.

In it the former Manchester United midfielder lifts the lid on life with pop star wife, Victoria and his relationship with United’s manager, Alex Ferguson.

Beckham held a press conference at a plush hotel in the Spanish capital, home of his new team Real Madrid, to launch the much anticipated book,
which has already been serialised in English newspaper, ‘The Sun’ with Beckham’s feeling for Ferguson making all of the headlines.

Beckham played down the reported rift today (FRI12), saying headlines could be deceiving, and insisted that he owes the Scotsman a great debt of gratitude.

Publishers HarperCollins, paid £1.5 million for the book, which is set to become the second biggest selling book of the year behind Harry Potter ‘The Order of The Phoenix’

Bookstores in the UK were expecting a brisk trade this morning, with Waterstone’s opening 31 of its branches early. The book is now on sale in 50 countries and is being translated into a further 12 foreign languages.

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