The Baltimore Ravens take on the Denver Broncos during Week 4 of the 2021 NFL season.

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25 comentarios en «Ravens vs. Broncos Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2021»
  1. Yo that run by Jervante Williams😳bro im not gone cap…one of the NASTIEST runs I’ve seen…makes it thru the first contact trucks the second one then CARRIES humphreys…humphies ain’t no little dude…HE A COUNTRY BOA🤣they got extra crazy strength

  2. LJ is THE best rushing QB.
    If an opponent team stops the rushing, LJ is one of the best passing QBs.
    23:7 with (again) record breaking stats and ppl still find excuses.
    It's just amazig how ppl perceive obvious happenings.

  3. I wish all games would pan back the cameras like this game ,so as u can see the defensive secondary particularly when most peeps have giant screens at home. I’m watching on iPad and it’s still groovy. Kudos to producer of this game!

  4. could you imagine an all time ravens team if they played currently? i mean yea some other teams would be killer too, but lamar with prime flacco as back up, ray and reed, siragusa, ngata, ogden, matt stover and tucker, jamal lewis. you could even throw guys in there like mcalister, jermaine lewis, jacoby jones, ray rice, vontae leach, peter boulware.. forgot about suggs and torrey smith

  5. Why can be expect Pales to give any NonPale credit for anything even when the proof is evident for all to see. The way it has always been and most likely will always be! I just love to see ours show the world that we are capable of being a quarterback in the NFL! Now we need more coaches?

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