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Italy have won Euro 2020 after they defeated England on penalties in the final. The game went to a shootout after match finished 1-1 when Leonardo Bonucci cancelled out Luke Shaw’s opener.

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    Because the British are educated in Darwin's theory. For them, competition is just natural selection. In natural selection, the weakest have to succumb because they are less suited to survival in any environmental context. They feel they are the only ones able to vary the fates because they have this innate characteristic; they are the best at adapting to all circumstances and therefore are able to fight and win for survival. Theirs is a natural selection and precisely because they feel superior they isolate themselves to prove it to the whole world. Everything has a price. The medal removed from the neck indicates that they are the only ones who put a price on their shares. The second place is too ridiculous a price for the education received and oriented towards supremacy in general over everything … It was not just a victory for Italy but for the whole world. Even the French, their extreme competitors, for example in the colonization of world territories, rejoiced albeit in moderation, because it was the Italians who won. Reverential hatred. The superiority of the British is not a rule. The superiority of the English cannot be their point of reference with respect to the whole world, even in sport. As colonialists, they have always left the hard work to the colonized. Leisure activities too, including sports. All peoples, for the British, we are shelf goods, only this time, on the shelf, they ended up … !!!

  2. Inglesi eterni perdenti…. E meno male che vi vantate di essere la patria del calcio🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝!!! Ricordatevi eterni perdenti che L' ITALIA ha vinto 4 MONDIALI e 2 EUROPEI e voi un misero mondiale nel 1966 in casa vostra, e dove altrimenti, rubandolo alla Germania!!!!!

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