College Football | Paul Finebaum ‘outburst» Which team has best chance to take down No.1 Georgia?

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35 comentarios en «College Football | Paul Finebaum 'outburst" Which team has best chance to take down No.1 Georgia?»
  1. I so can't stand finbaum since their hate for bama is just as bad as pollack or herbstreit, everyone counting bama out, georgia is end all be all anyone but bama I still say, has some fight in them so keep on hating its just more motivation for them .

  2. No one this year is unbeatable. We don’t even know where the committee will place Alabama so at this point who knows. Keep in mind Iowa, Cincinnati, Oklahoma and all the B10 teams could lose.

  3. Typical ESPN BS. The Buckeyes still have a lot to prove, but how do you not mention the #1 offenses vs the #1 Defense? If the Penn State QB returns, most experts have Michigan as the 4th best B1G team. Michigan did not look good again Nebraska.

  4. You all have to remember if Clemson and Alabama are not in the playoffs then they will cancel the playoffs!!
    Alabama could lose 5 games and they would still be in the playoffs and all three of them want Alabama in even if Alabama loses to them they still will be in the playoffs just listen to what all three are saying!!

  5. What. Dinch is too confident. GA beating Alabama. Alabama usually plays good in big games. It wont be walk over if Alabama fix their mistakes. They have a talent but Coordinators need to fixed because they Suck

  6. Alabama would have to beat Georgia twice to win a National Title… if Georgia was undefeated going into the SEC Championship.. and let's say by chance they lose and their only loss all season is in the SEC Championship they will still get into the college football playoffs has a one-loss team…. I don't think right now that Alabama could beat Georgia and I sure don't think they could beat them twice

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