Inter Miami CF hosts New England Revolution in this mid-week match up of Week 14 during the 2021 MLS Regular Season.

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40 comentarios en «HIGHLIGHTS: Inter Miami CF vs. New England Revolution | July 21, 2021»
  1. That last goal , what was that defender doing ?? Leaves his position / 2 players alone on the left to run across two of his own players to make a horrible challenge on the ball , for them only to pass it to the player you should have been marking ! Why would you leave you position when you have two other players standing right there ! Stupid! Bench the man !

  2. It is getting apparent that the Old School MLS coaches know how to coach this league. The more flashy a team gets with their signings the worse they do. Low key, strategic signings and using the talent you have seems to work in MLS.

  3. damn , this is getting really embarrassing. loss after loss after loss. this 5-0 is not just a loss , it’s a straight PALIZA. change needs to be made , and now. it’s really hurting to put on the IM jersey in public

  4. What did anyone expect when they saw the opening day roster at Miami? What did they expect out of a David Beckham owned side? Beckham was never known as a particularly smart person. Anyone who knows anything could see that Higuain was only in it for the city and the lifestyle. His career was over a couple years back. Italy showed him the door faster than anyone I have ever seen.

  5. Man this miami team is horrible. They attack then nobody comes back to defend. They all just walk when coming back. Sad to see a team play without actitud. No passion. No love for the shirt they are wearing.

  6. Matuidi casually jogging back instead of busting his ass…

    Seen that how many times that game..

    These oldies came to the MLS to retire and not put the effort in…

    New club should be playing new and young players to build them up to get that experience..

    May be a rough few years but getting old has beens aren't going to improve the team imo..

    And this Gary or Phil or James or Chris or Steve Neville… (I do know his name)..

    Needs to gtfo lol..

  7. Much of this is tactical, but honestly, some of those boys have no right to be on an MLS field. That entire Miami backline is suspect, and Shawcross (17) is questionable as a pro, and yet he was still better than his team-mates. His positioning on the last goal is mind boggling. What was he covering in the end???

    That's diabolical, and I don't see how Neville turns this around. One of the worst teams I've seen in a long time. Could've been 10-0.

  8. Revs fan here but gg Miami, only good things they got going is their GK which without him would be 10-0 and Ray Hudson on commentary which I didn't know as I thought he does Messi games

  9. I'm so happy for Miami. It's a just reward for the Northeastern MLS power center for ignoring Sacramento so many times that their backers finally gave up to invest elsewhere. LA is the only place West of the Mississippi that really matters to them. Sac was ready, had the full package, but the expansion was given to a guy with supposedly good hair and no brains because Miami is "cool". It's fun seeing them at the bottom of the pile. They deserve it.

  10. This isn't going to get better for Miami fans anytime soon. They have screwed up this roster so bad, and the penalties for having too many DPs on the books are going to make it really hard to fix any time soon. They better hope they have an academy that can start producing some homegrowns soon.

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