England’s star striker can’t wait to compete at his first World Cup, and who can blame him? Having firmly established himself in the Champions League, it’s now time to take the world by storm…

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29 comentarios en «Harry Kane interview | "England has great players!"»
  1. English fans mentality is literally the worst… laughing at their own players all the time, no trust, no support…shame on you guys. Harry Kane is a treasure who should be highly respected and all you do is laugh at how he talks or how he claimed a goal… Really pathetic attitude from most of the English people on the internet.

  2. As an half English man I believe maybe in 4 to 6 years time we'll be the serious contender to win major tournament like World Cup and Euros. Those kids from U20, U17 world cup winning team need to progress!! Our U19 and U16 have won the Euros and Toulon tournament back to back as well. At the moment we are laughing stock of international football.

  3. The England main player building up the hype for the World Cup which England will inevitably bomb out of. We could struggle against Panama and Tunisia even. We always underestimate those teams, I hope Harry isn't looking too much ahead to the Belgium game. and Harry please don't take corners anymore

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