The ESPN FC crew break down England’s quarterfinal matchup vs. Ukraine.
0:00 England has an easy road to the final with Ukraine, Denmark and the Czech Republic left.
2:00 The pressure is on England to make it to the championship with the teams left in their way.

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37 comentarios en «Do England have a DREAM ROAD to the Euro 2020 final?! | ESPN FC»
  1. You can see that fearful mentality in how England's players build their attacks. Its slow, pragmatic, a lot of backwards passes and then a long cross to Kane or Sterling. It works, and if they win the EUROs then it worked really well, but how is that the football Southgate chooses to play when he has players like Walker, Trippier, Shaw as fullbacks, who can attack and are fast, then Henderson and Mount in midfield, and all the attacking potential up front. Its just weird. If it works, it works, good for them. But if they dont win the EUROs then questions will be raised.

  2. People are making the same mistake with Denmark and saying that Denmark will automatically make the semi-finals and knock England out. I feel that's disrespectful to Czech Republic. They knocked out Holland, beat Scotland, drew vs Croatia and only narrowly lost to England.

  3. Of course, they have a dream road. They have the easiest path and they are playing "home".
    Truth is nobody understand why the UEFA didn't give the organization to the UK as the 3 lions would play 6 of their 7 games in… Wembley. This is just ridicule when you think some 1/4 finalists have already played in 4 different cities all around Europe lol.

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