College Football Rankings | Paul Finebaum SHOCKED Georgia moves to No.1, Alabama drops to No.5

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35 comentarios en «College Football Rankings | Paul Finebaum SHOCKED Georgia moves to No.1, Alabama drops to No.5»
  1. That was a completely different dawgs team. Different bama team. This Dawgs team has offense, defense AND depth. Bama has offense & a weak defense. No depth on defense. Thank you instant transfer portal. It's leveled the playing field all around the country. What a fun college football season!

  2. No way Iowa is loosing until the big 10 championship game. At that game if its OSU or PSU they will lose. Why? Because they would have handily lost at their own stadium if PSU didn't lose Clifford. PSU was running away with that game. So in a neutral field I just don't see how they win against either OSU or PSU. And yes sorry people Michigan or Michigan St will lose to OSU and PSU. PSU plays them both in happy valley, and again if Clifford is healthy they are the better team. OSU will also have a chance at both of them. The game to watch is OSU vs PSU at Hollowing.

  3. Thank the Lord – maybe those Georgia fans can stop crying about #1 – finally get to taste it lol – but I been saying this whole, just me #4 around the 1st week of December and we will handle the rest 🐘🏆🏈 Roll Tide

  4. Funny how they don’t even talk about us beating Auburn. Like we went to Auburn and dominated yet we still don’t get talked about. Just the disrespect is crazy man. We’re number 1 in the country. Well show you Saturday why were the best.

  5. Yall need to put Sean tucker from Syracuse University in the hiesman discussion. He's better then all those running backs he's the second best rusher bye stats. Why's he not getting no love? What because he's from Syracuse? He's a freaking monster yall need to put his name out there so he has fair shot .

  6. Orlovsky is an idiot. Iowa has to go to Nebraska, ok I just looked this up. Iowa has won seven of last eight including last six in a row against Nebraska n half of those wins were at Nebraska. Oooh n Nebraska has yet to beat any ranked team under Frost. Stop with this over hyping a 3-4 team

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