Auburn vs LSU Highlights (LSU vs Auburn) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Auburn and LSU played in Week 5 of the 2021 College Football Season.

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  1. Nix showed he wanted the win more than LSUs QB. When he was forced or chose to run he made every yard possible, while LSUs QB ran out of bounds four yards from the defenders, or slid early to avoid contact. Nix took and gave hits. Kudos to Nix.

  2. watching Ga versus Auburn you can see our defensive players match up to Georgia but they dont have the physicality of Georgia's defense and are poor tacklers. LSU has national championship ability that is being throttled by poor coaching and bad planning in recruiting.

  3. I'm a Bama fan with no dog in this. Just glad one will lose. Watching the game I got tired of how they focused constantly on Max Johnson's family showing them in the stands about 75 times. Telling us how his dad won a super bowl with Tampa Bay in 2002.

    Then Joe Tessitore must have got some bonus for saying Boutte's name. You think the guy cured cancer. Bo Nix was the most valuable player in this game.

  4. Bo Nix is amazing. I wouldn't wish any ill will on anyone but I really wouldn't care if he caught his girlfriend messing around with his best friend just a day or two before they play the Razorbacks.

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