Sven-Goran Eriksson admits his biggest mistake as England manager was not appointing a «mental coach» to help the team with preparation for penalties ahead of major tournaments.

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50 comentarios en «Sven-Goran Eriksson admits the ‘BIG MISTAKE’ he made with England’s 2006 World Cup side»
  1. England lack belief – that's why they don't win.
    They are not as technically good as France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Argentina.
    Even in the Euro 2020, the team just parked the bus after going 1:0 up because they knew they were not good enough.

  2. The biggest mistake Sven made was to not take me to the world cup.

    I had a amazing scoring record at that time playing in the sunday league!!

    Ok no Premier league experience but surely better then Theo Walcott 🤣🤣

  3. How many of the teams in the last 8 were England actually better than? Definitely not France, definitely not Italy, definitely not Germany. Not Brazil. Probably not Spain. Probably not Argentina. Portugal were on their way down with a lot of their legends retiring from the national team in the next couple of years after that tournament and England still couldn't beat them. England will always be overrated and failures on the international stage.

  4. His biggest mistake (and I was saying this all the way back then too), was that he never had a 'Plan B'.

    He had all these superstars in the starting 11, but we never had a strong bench! If 'Plan A' wasn't working (which it often wasn't), we had no-one on the bench we could turn to who could change a game, yet you'd look at the Spanish team and their bench was full of stars too. We put all our eggs in one basket and it never worked.

    Personally, I'd have left Lampard and Rooney on the bench, and used them as impact subs. Ok, Rooney might not have become Englands all time top scorer if I were in charge lol, but just imagine being able to bring those two on in the 70th minute when we badly needed a goal? Instead we only had the likes of Crouch and Jenas to turn to. Hardly confidence inspiring, was it? It was like, "Ok, we're desperate now. Bring on Crouchy and lump it forward!"

  5. To all the young one's out here Paul scholes was to midfielders what Messi is to fowards. Best. Second to none when they are the integral part of the system. Take them out they would still be amazing with chunk of individual brilliance but different

  6. Drop one of Scholes, Lampard or Gerrard rather than shoehorn them all in out of position. Southgate ignores fan clamour over who must start because of how good they are and picks a system and an xi. Even if it's not always the one you personally agree with. Sven would be starting Foden, Grealish, Mount, Maddison and Sancho out of position in an unbalanced midfield and wed have been knocked out by Germany in the ro16. Not to say I could resist the immense pressure though, which was even more toxic in Sven's era.

  7. This is all common sense. Not learning anything new here. The lack of belief when wearing an England shirt indicates we didn't have any genuine leaders on the pitch at the time. They didn't care enough and we were just soft.

    The external pressure and all the unnecessary fake hype is partially to blame.

    Must have just been a mess

  8. Shoehorning Rooney into the world cup 2006 when he was recovering from injury and not fully fit whilst taking Walcott as another striker spot. Rooney ended up repaying that faith by stamping on Carvalho's balls and getting sent off to cost us vs Portugal.

  9. They are both literally beating around the bush. Cara doesn't realise it, but Sven knows it… What they are saying in a roundabout way (and Sven is directing this) is that England had overrated players. They relied heavily on the foreign players in thier clubs as they were the real stars. The tag along English boy has always been over hyped. Sven is trying not to say it outright because he doesn't want to face the backlash. Cara is too dumb to figure it out. Cara even said…"We knew we'd win for Liverpool but not for England". If that doesn't scream "England are crap but Liverpool and its foreigners are great" then I dont know what does. Ignorance is bliss.

  10. Jamie Carragher's penalty against Portugal in 2006 reminded me of the one that I took as a junior Latic at Boundary Park during half time vs Hove Albion in the 1983/84 season, former Oldham goalie Platt saved well from my kick, I didn't blame my junior school teacher at the time. I later went on to University and got a good job in Engineering.

  11. Lampard and Gerrard were smashing in penalties for Chelsea and Liverpool respectively. Problem with that 2006 team was that club rivalries were so intense. Remember Joe Cole saying that united and Chelsea players didn't really mingle in the dressing room. Nothing compares the rivalry of Chelsea and united during the 2004-2007 era

  12. Should have played a 4-5-1 or even a 5-4-1


    G Nev
    Gerrard CM
    Scholes CM
    a left midfielder who was decent just to fit in the system
    Lampard CAM
    Rooney upfront


    G Nev
    Left mid to fit in the system

  13. I lost £200 that summer. I had England to win the World Cup. Kept that damn betting slip on me for an entire month. I was actually in Germany when they went out. No one was more gutted than me and I’m Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  14. People say about Eriksson failing at England. I say:
    1) They had great individuals, but they never actually managed to find a bond between them. Also, they had some positions overloaded while some others didn't have as many good players as others would.
    2) Eriksson actually managed to get the second best win percentage with England (after Alf Ramsey).

    In my opinion, Eriksson could only be blamed partially for that failure. The bigger blame goes to the media.

  15. England had never won a penalty shoot-out , so it was no surprise and a penalty coach wouldn’t have made much difference. Ericsson was paid a fortune and all his videos are about his mistakes. Total failure.

  16. Jamie: I know what the preparation was like, I obviously took a penalty and missed one, But when you come away from England was there anything you would have done differently?
    Sven: Yes, I wouldn't have played you!

  17. Retrospectively I would have gone defensively with 3 at the back. A trio of Rio Ferdinand, Sol Campbell, John Terry on paper would have done brilliantly. Sol at the Heart, Rio at the right, John on the left. They could play out from the back, launching early long balls for the runs of pacey Rooney or for Crouch to flick on to the Midfield.

    You’d have to drop either Beckham or Neville. Hear me out. Three at the back means you’d need two players to provide width Ashley Cole would solve England’s no natural left footed winger. While right side would be covered by Beckham.

    Heart of the center midfield would be covered by Hargreaves on the left and Gerrard on the right.

    In front of them would be Lampard and Rooney.

    And up front Crouch.

    Ferdinand – Campbell – Terry
    Beckham – Gerrard – Hargreaves – A. Cole
    Rooney – Lampard

    If leading and a need to shut the opposition completely, bring Carrick on for any of Gerrard, Lampard or Rooney. Whoever’s tired, has a yellow or isn’t playing well.

    If need reinforcements in attack bring Owen or Joe Cole. If even more defense required bring Neville on for Beckham.

    As Sir Alex Ferguson put it brilliantly, defense wins you titles and Italy showed how it was done basically.

  18. The media call this sub par 2000 team the Gold Generation. They had no keepers, no defence, no strikers. They were so bad they took an amateur who never played a pro game to the World Cup. And people were surprised when they failed to qualify to euros…

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