Peter King and Mike Florio discuss the fallout from Jon Gruden’s leaked emails and wonder why and how the Washington Football Team comes out of the situation scot-free. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #JonGruden
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Jon Gruden’s emails leave more questions than answers | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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30 comentarios en «Jon Gruden's emails leave more questions than answers | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports»
  1. Wouldn't it be great to see the private emails of all NFL players, coaches and executives…black and white. Guessing we'd see tons of politically incorrect colorful commentary on all the subjects Gruden covered regardless of skin color. This was just another Marxist hit on Gruden.

  2. grudens mails were in hand of digger way before the camp probe happened!!! they just try to cover up the targeting!! Goodell was just butt hurt because gruden told the truth about him. now with amount of hypocrisy of NFL in treating the rest of the emails like radioactive, the NFL can simply dip into the cache of documents whenever it may choose in order to take action against someone who, for whatever reason, has landed on the NFL’s list of enemies or targets.

  3. Why would Gruden feel comfortable writing such comments in emails that are saved on computers which can be accessed by others? Why didn't anyone who received his crazy comments by email complain about the content? I cannot imagine that Gruden is the only one guilty here.

  4. Who of the following leaked the Gruden emails? I know who I suspect:
    1. A handful of lawyers who were looped into the process while representing the NFL and Washington franchise during the investigation?
    2. A limited number of executives in both the league and team offices
    3. Washington owner Dan Snyder
    4. Forensics auditors who extracted the emails
    5. Attorney Beth Wilkinson (who led the investigation)
    6. Employees with access to sensitive server data inside the Washington franchise.

  5. This is all funny. This is the REAL world people….. People think and speak this way. Gruden is just being punished for what most other people say and think. Gruden is just a tiny microcosm of what they are crucifying him for. The guy is alright. If NOT??? Let ALL athletes and celebrities release ALL their text messages and emails! AND let's see who is also NOT a PERFECT human being….If you are smart? You catch my drift here.

  6. I am just so glad that Peter Kang has never made a mistake and neither has anybody else apparently! I hate what Gruden said and I have a transgender daughter so I know what I'm talking about right here and I may have had different views in the past but when it's somebody that you know and you can begin to understand it and you can take a stand!

  7. What the NFL did to black players in compensation for injurys is a thousand times worse than what Jon gruden said with words. What's worse than that is they are partly responsible for that lame brain in the white house who is trying to destroy America.

  8. Never lose hope, be persistent and stubborn and never give up. There are many instances in history where apparent losers suddenly turn out to be winners unexpectedly, so you should never conclude all hope is lost.
    Theodore Kaczynski

  9. This is really scary. These emails are not even addressed to the NFL but personal emails/private email correspondence. Here is the reaction/response. You are not going to have anyone tell the truth any more or speak their mind. What is next? It is like everything needs to be surveillanced in this world.

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