Fans breached security cordons, charging into the perimeter area of Wembley Stadium, before the start of the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy on Sunday.

Security personnel were seen holding barricades and chasing charging fans up the stairs at the stadium.

Around two hours before the game, fans ran past stewards and some got into the ground while bottles were thrown in from outside the perimeter. Other supporters sang, chanted and hurled drinks, and some climbed on top of buses.

London police said they had helped the security teams at the ground.
England are bidding to win their first major title since lifting the 1966 World Cup.

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38 comentarios en «English soccer fans breach security at Wembley Stadium ahead of England-Italy Euro final»
  1. What security was in place for them to breech ?
    If I paid for my ticket and I had to be subjected to that kind of abuse or was even assaulted , trust there would be a lawsuit for failure of duty of care I stayed at home watching the scenes alone were disturbing enough , absolute disgrace 😑

  2. England should be banned from international football and taken away their silvermedals.They are a disgreas for every thing that football stands for.Kids and familys were attacked.There were no control on stadium.They are not able to host such an event.I sure hope that UEFA will banned them from the world.But i guess that the corrupt ,racist money machine called UEFA dont care.

  3. AGAIN this proves English soccer fans are the most uncivilized people on earth, they should be ashamed of themselves, and racist behaviors are totally unacceptable. These people should be arrested and banned from entering future games. Interestingly, their behaviors are exactly like the uncivilized, uneducated, and racist Trump supporters in the US.

  4. I from Russia and I was in stadium when England play in World Cup 2018 in Russia. I saw a lot of English Fans in Russia and everything was Fine. I think it was hospitable and pleasant in Russia!

    But at home in England you Fans behave like Animals!!!

    I Like so much England football, but yesterday I was rooting for Italy!!! Your Fans don't deserve to be Champions!!!

    Force Italia!!!

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