HIGHLIGHTS: New England Revolution vs. Columbus Crew | 09/18/2021

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29 comentarios en «HIGHLIGHTS: New England Revolution vs. Columbus Crew | September 18, 2021»
  1. Hard to tell who the commentators work for huh?? 😂😂 very obviously they don't work for Columbus. This bothers me in American football. Announcers job is to create suspense where they're usually is silence. And he is not supposed to display bias to either team.

  2. Here in Brazil when you are at age of 7 you and you eventually enter in some training camps the FIRST thing you learn: when you are a defensive player you NEVER cross the ball in front of the box. THE FIRST thing you learn. Columbus broke the most basic thing in football/soccer.

  3. Very eventful and uneventful at the same time. We fought hard but just couldn’t finish. Great finish from Adam, though we should have had many more. I was surprised the Bruce didn’t make some earlier subs. I thought Wilfrid Kaptoum would have fit into the match well but Arnor put a solid ten-plus minutes coming in for Tommy. I think Gustavo had a great performance. He held the ball well, his passing was good, and some great strikes that were blocked. I guess since there’s not too much to say, might as well add something for Columbus. What a horrific match of football they played. They say back for the entire match and maybe had two counters and a ball sent into the box from midfield for Zardes to finish. I can’t believe Caleb Porter still has a job, and if he lost I think he’d have to get the sack. Overall, we just have to be more clinical, GO REVS!!!!!

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