What tactics did these two outstanding managers use?
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44 comentarios en «Tactical Analysis : Liverpool 2 – 2 Manchester City | Klopp's Defensive Risks & Pep's Adaptations |»
  1. In my opinion, one must also analyze the movement and positions of the players of either team when the opposition has the ball in three parts of the pitch. I will like to add that while City pressed high, there were moments in the game where City forced Liverpool backwards when the ball was in the middle third of the pitch so as to create more pressure in Liverpool's defensive third. They narrowed down Liverpool passing options through the middle and wide by settling into a narrow 4-5-1 formation which would spring into a 4-3-3 or later a 4-4-2 and helped them keep an upper hand in the first half. However, this went missing in the second half, especially after the first goal, giving Liverpool time and space to pick up passes.

  2. Do you guys remember a couple of years ago when kompany was skipper. He axed Salah and was only given a yellow card. And Salah was through on goal. And Pep wasn't protesting that time. And that draw that day cost us the title.
    So quit complaining you blues and play.

  3. Hey can you talk about the tactical problem with Barcelona’s defense and why they struggle to create so many chances? I’m a massive Barca fan but I don’t quite understand the complexity of the issue

  4. Great game. The PL Classic. City not converting their chances and missing a striker not helping. First half goes to City second to Liverpool. Milner should have been sent off. Both deserved to win. A draw is fair. Great goals from Liverpool. Amazing strike from Foden, again against Liverpool! Barnardo putting van Dijk on his ass, amazing save from Rodri! What a fight. Amazing atmosphere at Anfield!! City fan

  5. I thought both teams started out nervous, making many mistakes – incomplete passes, lackadaisical movement, unmatched wavelengths, etc. due to Liverpool’s high pressing, and City’s blocking of passing lanes.

    Ultimately, it came down to some flashes of individual brilliance to get the score ticking, but in hindsight I feel City did nit live up to their potential with the many missed opportunities.

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