Official soccer fan jerseys are the best way to rep your favorite team or player. We carry hundreds of official club and national team jerseys and often are asked about the differences between the «authentic» and «replica» versions.

Which is legit? Why does one cost more than the other? Which would fit me best?

The technologies used and the terminology varies from brand, so we’ve put together this guide detailing the differences between authentic and replica jerseys for adidas, Nike and PUMA.

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31 comentarios en «Authentic vs Replica Soccer Jerseys – Key Differences Explained | 2020-21 Edition»
  1. I hate heat press Liverpool logo. The embroidered one gives a much better feel. And believe me, it doesn't weigh that much. Many players even wear spandex underneath a jersey during a match. These days when a player scores a goal, he will rub and kiss the logo. I think they would prefer to kiss a sewn logo rather than a plastic one. And after a certain period of time (maybe 5-6 years) a plastic logo might be worn out or even peeled off.

  2. So you pay loads of cash (even the old prices of around 60 euro's were bongus) and you still only get a "replica". That's insane! There are really good fake jerseys or actual "replicas" you can buy for around 10 bucks. Paying 90 euros for a mere replica is just not ok.

  3. The player versions still is a step below what the players actually wear. If you get a player jersey after a game you will see more differences with the real player version going even further to reduce weight

  4. Hi Adam so from this case I need some advice, If I normally ware nike replica version soccer jersey L size, in case if I would like to buy a player issue (vaporknit) then I need to buy L or need to go up to XL? Thanks for answer

  5. I always found it fascinating that soccer (world football) is the only sport that I know of where the logos and sponsors are all ironed onto the jersey all american sports use stitched jerseys as the "offical" or "authentic" while the replicas use heat applied logos and numbers

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