All of the different types of club soccer leagues and competitions across the globe are outlined in this instructional video! From the Champions League and Europa League, to the FA Cup and much more, this should give you some solid foundation on world football!

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32 comentarios en «Club Soccer Competitions Explained»
  1. Why can’t America just like football (soccer)? It’s clearly the best sport in the world. Virtually the most popular and most played sport in the world but yet “it’s a girls sport” and seen as feminine to play here. It’s such a shame. The MLS could be the best league in the world if America actually cared and invested money into this sport instead of having our sports commentators here not even know who tf Messi and Ronaldo are. Absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Although i live in Europe and have watch football for the most of my life, i still am a little confused of all of these…a few questions.

    1. is UEFA Champions League and UEFA EURO the same thing? if not, how are they different from one another?

    2. in UEFA Champions League do football clubs play against each other to “qualify” (example: Arsenal vs Man United) or countries? if countries, how do they they decide the players?

    3. When you say you can win a title (example: Atlético won La Liga title) does that mean all the clubs who play in La Liga play against each other for that title?

    4. follow up question, what happens if you win the title? what do you get qualified for? are they looking for the best team of the league to play in UEFA Champions League? or is it just for fun.

    5. Do all these games happen all at once? I think I was watching UEFA EURO a couple of days ago but saw news that the La Liga title has already been won by Atlético? so like does it happen at once (i hope you understand what i am trying to say 😰)

    6. Follow up question for nr.5, if they don’t happen at the same time, then what season are we in? like whats next, i am trying to keep up from now on 😭

    I think that’s all my questions 😅

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