In this video guide to the leagues and cups of English soccer, Groundhopper Paul walks you through the entire pyramid of the English football system, from the Premier League in Tier 1 all the way down to Tier 11. He also introduces you to five of the major tournaments (or cups) of English soccer.

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  1. Before the advent of the Premier League the Football league consisted of Divisions 1, 2, 3 & 4. (Until 1958 Leagues 3 & 4 were known as Third Division North and South.) Until 1986 this was virtually a closed shop. At the end of each season the bottom 2, 3 or 4 teams (it changed over time) had to apply for re-election to the league. My team (Hartlepool United) hold the record for re-election with 14 applications (they were never voted out but were finally relegated to the National League at the end of the 2016-17 season and just regained their league status by winning the National League Play-off final in 2021).

  2. Nice video, already a little out of date as the Southern League has had 2 divisions at step 3 (tier 7) for a couple of seasons, making 4 at that level. This summer it's been a major reorganisation with another league added at step 4, making a proper 1-2-4-8-16 pyramid.

  3. would there ever be a supporter of the most random club in the most random league like East Riding County League Division Five that has a club called Hutton Cranswick SRA
    like are u a supporter of Hutton Cranswick SRA, Leven Members Club, Virginia Waters, Little Lever Sports Club (Seniors) First, Old Boltonians AFC First? not a glory hunter but i would support a team atleast above division 5 that actually promotes and relegates, wins trophies and has fans. thats why i support sunderland and real madrid (except real have the most plastic fans of all time and sunderland is stuck in tier 3)

  4. Just seen the club I support at 7:32, Step 6, ( Tier 10), Northern Counties East Division one, bottom of the list alphabetically Worsbrough Bridge, we were an old Colliery ( coal mining), club until the Govt. under Margaret Thatcher closed the mines. I've missed watching them during the pandemic but managed to get to a few games before the football was abandoned. Our attendances ( crowd) were around 230.

  5. As an English football fan since 1983 I knew all this but what a great and informative guide to fans of the game who didn’t know all about our league pyramid and our cup competitions. Excellent work!!

  6. Growing up I watched Cardiff City go from League 2 to League 1 to the Championship and even to the Prem (and then back down, up, and down again lol). We also narrowly missed out on the FA Cup and League Cup, to Portsmouth and Liverpool. All three times I've been to Wembley we've lost (the other time was the play-off final for promotion). I absolutely can't imagine having a system like American sport. Where's the excitement if there are no real stakes ? Anyway, nice video, butt!

  7. EFL divisions. Not the best/top three go up necessarily but the top two and the winner of the play-offs, a post regular season comp between teams finishing 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. BS really but a money spinner and can be very exciting.

  8. Great video, absolutely brilliant. I'm shocked to find Americana with such a deep understanding and appreciation of our game. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    Check out a channel called bunch of amateurs, if you're not already watching. They follow non league amateur clubs way down the football pyramid. I think you and your subscribers would love it.

    Keep up the good work, I'll be watching from now on.

  9. I still don't (I guess refuse) understand the purpose of any other cup other than the FA cup. To me, there is no purpose of a subset competition when you already have an all inclusive competition. But that's just me

  10. AFC Wimbledon is a good example of a how meritocratic the English league pyramid is. They were formed in 2002 and have been promoted 6 times to go from an amateur to fully professional club (Tier 9 to 3). It's becoming more and more rare, but the possibility is always there for a team of amateurs to earn the right to play professionally. That's the main reason there are so many clubs in European football.

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