A study by Gracenote into the nationalities of players starting matches in the UEFA Champions League reveals that England still lags behind other major footballing nations. Nations who have won World Cups and European Championships this century have always been one of the top five countries for most starters in the Champions League that season. England has historically ranked between 7th and 10th.

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50 comentarios en «A Key Reason for England's International Failures»
  1. To all english; I think fact is, you mostly suck at Sports in general these days. But however you are great in things like Modern Music (Pop, Rock) or Acting (Films, Theatre etc.), easely beat the germans in those Fields 😉 !!!

  2. Because anglos from England not so much irish or scotts are really entitled children. Look at brittish vactioners vs others from the world. Brits are always demanding for things to be done their way in their language while in a foreign country. Theyre lile the americans except they make a lot less money per household but their own media tells them theyre special non stop.

  3. Thayre babies. Weak. Look at the totenham all or nothing show. Ive seen catholic choir boys with more fire in their belly. They get upset when someone says foul language etc. Like they never had to struggle in life and lived in the suburbs.

  4. England will win stuff the day they stop playing football with calculators, rulers and Squares and Measuring tapes. The Game is meant to be fun and enjoyed. It's not a math quiz. Add some flare and skill and have fun with the ball.

  5. Also one big reason why England can't win shit is because English players treat each other in the NT the same way the treat each other in their respective rival clubs. Hence why England's "Golden Generation" won absolute fuck all even though on paper they were among the favourites to bring it home.

  6. Alot of the players wanted to just wanted to be the hero and have their name up in lights as the savior of England. I remember watching Gerrard and Lampard constantly taking absolutely ridiculous shots from 40 yards. Then managers were totally pussys and always went for a 4-4-2 so they could appease the every top clubs fans by fitting in their favourite player.

  7. 4-4-2 was an outdated strategy. No manager was brave enough to say no im not gonna play both Gerrard and Lampard or not play 2 upfront. I always used to find it funny watching Gerrard, Lampard or Rooney taking shot after shot from 35yards out trying to become England heros

  8. With all the respect, english players are not that good. And because of the high wages paid in PL, the other leagues are not attractive enough for english players tô leave their country and play abroad. It makes more sense to play for Watford than to play for Valencia (a side that's constantly in the UCL). And yet, because english players aren't as good as others, it doens't make sense for a big club tô spend a huge amount for them. There are little english players that are valuable enough for that, like Kane or Sancho, and that's it.

  9. This thing again. The media just can't take blame for how they love to undermine the English national team. Arguably they had better success once the English got the "Football's coming home" movement happening.

  10. Why? Simple answer :
    No forwards as good as Romario or R9
    No midfielder as good as Zidane, Xavi, or Pirlo
    No defender as good as Thuram or Cannavaro
    No GK as good as Buffon or Neuer
    England players are good but not great. This coming from England fan.

  11. And more precisely, English starting attack midfielders. Most successful Premier League teams have had a foreign player as their main central attacking, creative option. It's no coincidence that we fail to break teams down in close international games. The only genuine star of that type we had, Scholes, was never used properly either!

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