The United States Women’s Soccer team fell to Sweden in the opening match of the Tokyo Olympics.

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37 comentarios en «USA Women's Soccer Team Loses Opening Match At Tokyo Olympics»
  1. You kneel to OUR American flag and disrespect EVERY veteran who has courageously fought with their blood, sweat, tears and sacrificed everything they have to see your freedom blossom into existence. You do not love your country. You do not represent American values and should be embarrassed and ashamed. You are cowards. 🇺🇸

  2. They wanted to make a statement by taking a knee in solidarity with BLM, They did, but I don't think they expected the reaction. Sad they had to discover how many people think our national teams should save these statements and actions for other venues.

  3. 99.9% of these comments are men just like me, but the real problem here sounds like American loyalty to itself a country that's built on rebellion and fighting against the system to try to make a change even when you're not the majority. Do I agree with kneeling with the national anthem or flag bearing ceremonies…HELL NO. But should we sit here and tear these women down on a world stage or any stage for that fact? Most here are some sad hypocritical examples. I'm sorry life turned out to be more like a cross between The Real World and Jerry Springer instead of leave it to Beaver and The Cosby show, but bless America love her FREEDOM that so many thousands have died to let you be born with that privilege or get TF OUT.

  4. good for you sweden. im happy for you. we only have 3 american woman on the team. so their not our american team. their traitors for kneeling and disrespecting the american flag and our american people they make me sick.

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