Group of Death Day | Tifo Football Podcast
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48 comentarios en «Group of Death Day | Tifo Football Podcast»
  1. Germany played so slow. Every counter was ruined by either kroos taking all the tempo out of it with a back pass, or Havertz losing posession 2 seconds after recieving the ball. Really poor performance attacking wise. Hope Löw changes it up against Portugal and leaves Havertz on the bench. I was very impressed with Ginter though, he had about 4 really strong tackles in him

  2. Germany should have started Werner how did they want to score without a striker? Germany at this euros are like Spain they play nice football yet they can't score to save their lives.

  3. Hi Guys, I'm doing this tournament predictor at work. I've tallied my bad points for the first round of fixtures. Currently on 26. So only just 2 points better off than you Joe. It will be interesting to see how this goes.

  4. I found France bloody boring to watch as an offensive unit. Deschamps is very much a pragmatist. They won't play through the lines unless Pogba sees a player in space. I agree with Alex that Mbappe is an invaluable as he is a one man counter attacking machine. France can stay incredibly compact and because of Mbappe's speed and class they don't need any more than three players on a powerful counter attack. I still think Germany have a chance to win the tournament if Werner can find form as he can be the all round 9 Die Mannschaft require when he is in good form.

  5. Trio of Muller,Gnabry,Havertz just didn't work well,Muller works best playing thought the middle but spent most game switching from left to right.
    Kimmich worked well as right wing back not much different to what he does at Bayern,would of added possibly more in midfield but that said Germany just don't have anyone better to play as right wing back at the moment..

  6. Incredibly disappointed for Hungary not to get a mention…just as a shitty team… I mean they came so close to a miracle and we can only hear about your frustration about how bad Portugal did, which I get and is true but still

  7. Portugal playing the weakest team, with a defensive team. They've played their team which when they play against stronger teams. Will be the team they pick against the stronger teams.
    Instead of smashing Hungary 8-0. They're thinking about the other group games and further

  8. That 1st Mbappe's goal is indeed a pity to have been disallowed but Seb is right, changing the offside rule to allow such a goal would be a nightmare. But I'd like a change in the rule that considered the attacking player onside in situations when he is offside when the assist is made but he runs backwards and is no longer offside when he receives the ball – that "point A to point B" situation. The argument is the same: the attacker was offside but he didn't profit from it by receiving the ball onside.

  9. still think france has the best group of players. and they have a great, great team, good in all moments of the game, capable of being patient and acelerate when space is found, dangerous in set pieces, mainly corner kicks and, if need be, charge the other team goal with numbers and size. by far the favourites to wun the throphy.

    and yes, mbappe is a beast in great form, coming from a great season and with full confidence. ronaldo made history today but mbappe is still so young and part of a great team.

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