Rio Ferdinand, Robbie Savage and Francis Benali share some strong feelings about the European Super League.

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24 comentarios en «"It's a DISGRACE! It's a war on football! – Rio lashes out at European Super League proposal»
  1. "YANKS!" OH REALLY! I bet anybody and everybody with indigenous heritage from London to the far east to United States must be either turning over in their graves or alive and throwing up.

    PLAYERS/FANS: This is our game
    INDIGENOUS EVERYWHERE: are saying hold my beer. 🍻🍺

  2. hmmm 'a war against Football!'. Very unwise words from Rio Ferdinard but apart from that everything else is fairly accurate. Fairly accurate – For him too not get too carried away!

  3. We as the fans determine whether the teams will earn or not. Without us watching those clubs play means no ad revenue and that is the major revenue earner for any club. At the end of the day, the money they thought they would make will remain to be just a dream.

  4. Time for fans to start buying in to their clubs. Its the only way to ensure players voices are listened to without direct government intervention with a supporters council or similar being implemented.
    If enough players buy shares and form a coalition ye can have a supporters based voice in local teams.

  5. I really can't listen to these retired footballers, players who earned millions per year in the same system the new league is based off of, money. The premier league has destroyed English football. Look at any team now, where are the English players? and it is not as if the up and coming local lads are getting a chance to move elsewhere. Clubs should be run by pros who know what they are doing and should be owned in large part by the people who are supporting them, i.e. Fans. Sorry, rant over.

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