Ireland’s 1-0 victory over England was voted the best Irish football result by Soccer Republic viewers! (Monday nights, RTÉ 2).

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37 comentarios en «Ireland beat England at Euro 88 | Soccer Republic»
  1. Makes me chuckle this, yeah you won the match but England pissed all over Ireland but couldn't get the ball in the net, 17 attempts to 2, Ireland still knocked out in the first round was hardly something to celebrate, England 88 great team just unlucky in the Holland game hitting the post twice in the first half. Most of the Irish team never stepped foot in Ireland before jack got them on board, they weren't good enough for England but I would bet any money if asked first to play for England they wouldn't have looked twice at Ireland.

  2. I remember watching this match with my father in law and Ireland were winning and it was getting near the end of the match and Brian Moore commenting said can Ireland hold on for this miracle and my father in law looked at me and said what the f__k is he on about miracles and we both burst out laughing,it certainly wasn't a miracle to anyone in Ireland only in England I'd say the rest of the world wasn't really surprised but what horrible biast England reporting from Brian Moore he obviously lived in cloud cukoo land😂

  3. As an England fan who went to that tournament, we where dreadful, not taking anything away from Ireland who where decent, one thing I always remember where the Ireland fans who where absolutely brilliant

  4. Today is exactly 32 years since this match, the English are a total disappointment from the beginning to the end of the competition in the group, while Ireland had a chance to get a visa for the semifinals in the last match of the group against the Netherlands.

  5. I'd have gone for Ireland's victory over Italy in '94. Beat a genuinely top class team there, who later went to the final.
    This England team was decent, but not contenders. And they had a miserable Euro '88 in general.

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