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  1. I’ve been a Husker fan since I was 9. I’ve witnessed the Devaney years, 25 years with Coach Osborn on the sideline, 5 National Championships and the sad death of everything Devaney and Osborne built. I thank god Im alive to witness Scott Frost’s return and the resurrection of the greatest football team to ever put a cleat on the field. I know Tom Osborne is a happy man and Im pretty sure Devaney will be celebrating with a toast in Husker Heaven this year. GO BIG RED!

  2. Such CRAPPY music. A dope head must have posted this. How about some music that actually motivates? This garbage sung by mumble mouth does nothing but irritates. And who can even understand a word that this fool is trying to say. This isn't music but rather a painful earache. Go back into your mumble cave and hibernate for a long, long time and save the human race some pain.

  3. The music just dumbed me down to pre-birth, still in the womb status!!! The only human in my mind that could possibly actually listen to this crap is a toddler nodding it's head and bouncing up and down to a song that makes ABSOLUTELY no sense because the child cannot read, write or understand ANY language. 👶🙆‍♀️🏃‍♂️🕺🤯

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