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S/O to David Melendez on the PICS!! Check him out:

We were with Laced Facts and Mike Evans for the YOUTH FOOTBALL COMBINE! Flash Morris and Kiyan Callis were there showing out. THEY’RE ONLY 8 YEARS OLD!

We also had a female lineman dominating the world and a 12 year old kicking a CRAZY 40 YD FG!!! These kids might be young, but they absolutely DOMINATED this combine.

I love seeing the little homies show out!

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37 comentarios en «This 8 Year Old Football Combine Was INSANE! Flash Balls Out & Female Lineman DOMINATES The Boys!»
  1. Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16"

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  2. This is horrible. The majority of their drills are terribly run. Wide open field juke drills, if you have all day to cut back and forth of course your going to win. There was holding on just about every Oline drill and thy just cheered. These kids should be learning fundamentals, not just showing off for cameras 😒

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