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Camisetas WOLVE Venta camisetas de futbol 2020-2021 para en tallas para adultos y ni?os con calcetines y pantalones cortos a juego en los camisetas …

47 comentarios en «✈️🏝☀️ Heir Football 8U vs. Arizona Suns (Full Game) Buckeye, AZ 2018»
  1. DON'T let your kids play this sports (or any other sports where they get repetitive hits to their head).
    and no, the helmet won't protect them, because it can't stop the brain from bouncing around in their skull and twisting.
    just be smart and don't put your child at risk, the neurological diseases that can be caused are just awful and devastating.
    if you don't know what i'm talking about: google the term CTE and james ransom or zac easter.

  2. Can you please stop saying go get them dead The team is dead for real I’m telling you Tony they’re gonna lose they gonna lose the game the golden ones oh no the team is the one king helpmit

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