Laura Bassett probably will never forget what happened in England’s semifinal match against Japan in the Women’s World Cup.’s Michaela Vernava explains how Bassett received full support from her head coach and teammates despite her gaffe.

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32 comentarios en «Women's World Cup: Laura Bassett's Own Goal Loses Match For England»
  1. This video even 2 years on, is horrible. The reporter doesn't know what she's talking about probably never touched a football. Laura had an unlucky touch on the ball but nevertheless had an amazing tournament.

  2. They didn't support her because she was a woman .. they supported her because she was the unlucky one to be on the end of a huge TEAM mistake. The center-mid simply can't short that pass into Japan's zone with the England defense pushed up like that. It created a break the other way, which is just what Japan was looking for. Bardsley was too late getting out on that ball. Bassett had to attempt to clear it, or Japan probably would have scored.

    TEAM mistake … everyone needs to stay off the defender.

  3. Why is this in this news? This is not news. Quit fucking whining. People treat sports like they are a religion. It's a non-essential aspect of life, so stop being so fucking weak and get some real problems. There are people who actually suffer in the world, not over some pointless women's soccer match which has no real bearing on the world

  4. I am glad to see her team-mates supported her.  If that had been the men's team he would have got his butt kicked (by his team) and the queen would would have kicked him out of England for good.  All of which would have been appropriate.

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