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48 comentarios en «Top 10 Games of the 2020 NFL Season»
  1. OK if you were gonna have a Raiders/chiefs game it should have been the one from earlier in the season at Arrowhead. Far better game. Only suffers from being an early season game and having less playoff implications is its only flaw.

  2. This is one of the few times I ask for likes, but I’m actually intrigued to know. Who actually believed that the Bucs were going to win the Super Bowl from the start of the season and not one of these bandwagon babies that are sad their team lost, let me know.

  3. That Falcons vs Cowboys game should never be mentioned again. How can you not know that, as the receiving team, you can fall on an onside kick whenever? This is AN NFL TEAM, NOT A BUNCH OF MIDDLE SCHOOLERS

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