This is it, this is the signing that all West Ham fans have been waiting for, Kevin Nolan… That is the name that will be filling the air inside our beloved Upton Park. The big scare at Upton Park since the day we were confirmed as relegated has been the fact we are going to lose our leader.

Scott Parker is a player who is being put into the same category as players such as Paolo Di Canio and Bobby Moore. Even if Parker does end up making the chaotic move to Tottenham he will remain in my heart, and I’m sure many other hearts of the West Ham fans who can do nothing more than praise him, and thank him for all he done for the club we love last season.

Scott Parker

I now move onto a point which I believe many of you will disagree with and probably send some hate mail for. When I sit and think about it, a move away from Upton Park is probably the best thing for all parties involved, the team who are fortunate enough to get Parkers signature will have an amazing player on their hands who will give his all for the club and will never shy away from a tackle, West Ham will hopefully receive a reasonable amount of money for the player (Personally I would be happy with £6m) and Parker will be able to fight to keep his place in the England squad as well as perform in the biggest and most popular league in the world.

I would sell Scott Parker, after the capture of Kevin Nolan if I had the choice to, I will list my reasons why below.


Scott Parker will be turning 31 in 4 months time, for a player over the age of 30 to be worth £10 is asking a lot, people are talking about how much money Henderson and Jones are costing Liverpool and Manchester United but need to realise they could have these players for a good few years. Scott Parker will be playing for another 3 or 4 years then I believe he will hang up his boots. This will cost the club around £3m a year for the player, and that’s not including agent fees and wages. West Ham have the opportunity to make a return on a player that has done everything he can for the club but has now said he wants to move on, which I think people should understand and I’m sure many of you do.


There is no denying Scott Parker has been in form for the past few seasons, He has been a remarkable player for the club and we would be taking a liberty to ask him for anymore than he has already given. I believe this was Parkers season to shine, and all will agree with me that he done that with no problem. He showed everyone that you can play in any club and still get noticed for what you are doing as an individual.


Which brings me to my last point, Parker was playing in a team that seemed to have other things on their minds during every game and have no fight in them all season, apart from a few players, and yes, this is mainly the managers fault, it is up to the manager to keep the spirits high at a club and to keep the players upbeat and to try and encourage them to play football to the best of their ability. But these are grown men we are talking about earning more money than me and you could ever dream of earning. Scott Parker, being the true professional he is, took it into his own hands to rally the troops at half time during West Hams game against West Bromich Albion on the 12th of February 2011, telling them to remember ‘those fans use every last penny they earn to come and sing their hearts out for us’. These words hit home and was said to have bought the players and backroom staff «near to tears»

Scott Parker was a truly inspirational player at West Ham but I believe he was a «diamond in the rough» if you will, he was shining to such an extent he seemed to blind the rest of the players, I want you all to think back to the year of 2008, the year Berbatov moved to Manchester United for a fee in the region of £30.75m… Berbatov was an amazing player when he was at Tottenham Hotspur, in the 2006-07 season he played 49 and scored 23 in total, and in the 2007-08 season he played 52 and scored 23, so its obvious as to why a club as big as Manchester United were interested, yet in his first season at United he played 43 and scored just 14, and got worse the season after playing 43 and scoring 12. He only really found his Form at United in the season of 2010-11 in which he played 42 and scored 22.

My point is when you are a fantastic player playing with average team mates you glow, but when you are lined up next to players the same calibre as you, that’s when people realise you are maybe not worth the money they spent.

Kevin Nolan

This is the new boy on the books at West Ham and no one will be upset at the fact we managed to pull off this signing, a truly remarkable player to have in any side, let alone a side that are in the Championship. He is going to be the new Parker and there is no denying that. There are reports that signing Nolan could cost West Ham up to £16.5m and in my eyes, so what? Clubs are given much more than that for being promoted and with the talent we are managing to pull in at the moment it seems like we will win the league with little trouble.

Joey Barton said on his official twitter account that the fact a player like Nolan was being sold made him feel sick. Andy Carroll was ordered by a judge to move into Nolan’s house after he was getting in trouble over his lifestyle choice.

This not only shows that Nolan is seen as a fantastic friend to the players he works with but that he is also seen as a model professional.


One thing West Ham have not had for a long time has been a loyal player, unless this is a player that has grown through the ranks at West Ham and has claret and blue running through their blood people seem to only be in it for the money, but like I said in my last blog, players are currently jumping at the chance to be reunited with Big Sam. Nolan is quoted as saying «Having the chance to link up with Sam again is a massive thing». With Abdoulaye Faye saying much the same thing I think we have got a real manager here that the players not only gain respect for, but a friendship with. Nolan showed he has loyalty by not only dropping a league to play for his former manager but by also signing a 5 year deal, which to me says he’s not in this for the money as he is willing to stay and graft next season if we do not manage to gain promotion this season.

All in all I believe we have made a remarkable signing here which would not have been possible if we did not have Big Sam as the manager, and credit where its due to the owners, as I’m sure they had to dig into their own pockets to help find the funding for this one.

Let’s hope we make more impressive signings and tear this league apart, returning to the premiership with a bang.

Fortunes have been hiding for too long now, this is season to find them

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