In Wednesday’s NESN Soccer Podcast, Marc DiBenedetto and Marcus O’Mard welcome in journalist Nicholas Goss to review the Quarterfinals and preview the Semifinal matchups at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Follow all NESN Podcasts at

– France still not convincing
– Are Belgium favorites?
– Russia’s magic run
– For England!
– Croatia is getting away with it

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5 comentarios en «Soccer Podcast: World Cup Semifinals Preview, France vs. Belgium & England vs. Croatia»
  1. I'm watching this post-France/Belgium but pre-England/Croatia and I must say I don't know what happened with Belgium but they fell apart and allowed themselves to be outplayed by France. You guys make an excellent point that this isn't your father's Brazil and they showed poorly this tournament. Lastly, I'm rooting for England but think it'll be a tough & exciting game and Croatia could very well give them a run for their money. Anyway, go England!!

  2. "Most of the England players come from small clubs…. if they win the WC they would have to go back to these clubs, which would be kinda weird… Who does Pickford play for? Oh yeah, Burnley, ha-ha-ha-ha… etc etc etc" .
    Wow – what an AMATEUR podcast for such a great network. Stick to baseball. Bit of advice: 1) Pickford plays for Everton (not Burnley); 2) Burnley actually qualified for the Europa league, along with Arsenal and Chelsea. 3) Most of England's squad actually play for top teams in the PL – Man U, Man C, Spurs, Liverpool etc; 4) Why do you rate Croatia? They've struggled since beating a poor Argentina side. Your love-in with Modric and Rakitic…? Oh yeah, cos they play for Real and Barca, right? They struggled against an average Russian midfield. The Croatia-Denmark was another snooze-fest; 5) Marcus is obsessed with finding reasons why every team at the WC is flawed and 'won't win it' etc. FYI: one team will win it – a fact.
    As Ygritte from GoTs would say: ' You know nuffin, NESN Soccer Podcast.'

  3. Belgium may very well win, but I don't really agree with them having had such a convincing tournament aside from the Brazil game. And even then Courtois kinda saved them. They conceded two goals to Japan after all.

    I still think the France Belgium game is pretty much 50/50 though imo. Could go either way

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