Heartbreaking Football Moments

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Camisetas Real Betis hace 12 horas — De esta manera, los hinchas ‘celestes’ ya no tienen excusa para ir adquiriendo la camiseta del último campeón del fútbol peruano y si bien el …

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  1. Yoo, love this video, when i see a notification that you posted im out here smiling my soul off, love the content and could you react to "why messi is better than ronaldo" it states facts and proof but still gives ronaldo the edge over messi in some areas, it would make my year bro

  2. We like to think Ronaldo was helping Cavani off the pitch as a show of respect, but he probably was just trying to get him off as soon as possible to avoid him wasting time LOL

  3. 6:00 the thing is that evra ( the guy who injured Ronaldo ) is close friends with Ronaldo , I’m sure he didn’t do it on purpose . At the end Portugal the underdogs won the final against France IN FRNACE !

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