The men’s team didn’t even qualify for the World Cup. But there’s still some hope for the sport…
Reporter: Marianna Brady

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41 comentarios en «US soccer: Will Americans ever care about football? – BBC News»
  1. Will America ever care about Football?
    Answer: It Doesn't Matter……we don't care about America in Football ⚽…….or in general as well and american doesn't care because they don't Win they only care about stuff they win at and Football was never one of them and Probably never will be (besides the woman football team)

  2. I wouldn't worry about it. Money talks and in these globalized economy, we're always looking to compare and designate a WORLD CHAMPION, and that competition held in the United States called the Superbowl is not where a true World Champion wins the trophy.
    The younger generations in North America are getting ever more close to dictate the trends in the sports industry and of course, the potential for a massive expansion is still here, in the US.
    With all the controversies in the NFL and the NBA the American youth is just looking in from the outside yawning while kicking around "soccer' balls.
    In this 2021 ,the future of the sport is looking the brightest righ now…

  3. Football (Soccer) is :

    – Cheaper
    – Have promotion and relegation making it more competitive.
    – Rewards skills over height or weight.
    – Short ppl can be as succesfull as tall ppl.
    – Doesn't injure your brain or spine as much as AF.

    But it also have it's cons specially with referees and the way they can manipulate games.

  4. Oh trust me I love ur American states and snacks but ffs plz plz jut stop calling it soccer. It’s football. You kick it w ur foot. Once you touch that ball w ur foot the magic starts. A club is ur home, a different club is ur enemy. The fans and ur teammates are ur family

  5. Well, I am from Europe and I think NFL is really nice. But the problem is still I like Football (soccer). I grew up in Europe, I grew with it's culture. Football is really really so populer game in Europe and Africa. Those who grew in America are grew with their own culture which is different than Europe and Africa. It's not their fault. The required demand to make a good Soccer team or Player is pathetic in USA. North American's situation is totally different than Latin Americans. Due to lack of populerity or demand they are having problem to upgrade soccer teams! You can see the same situation in Asia too!

  6. Who lied to you about football bringing in 600M ? Lmao English Premier League alone brings in 5.3B, Spanish La Liga 5B, Italian SerieA 3.5B, German Bundesliga 4.5B,French Ligue1 2.5B, European Champions League 3B, Europa League 400M, FIFA World Cup 4.6B only those major competitions alone bring in about $27B, let’s not talk about the other probably 60 competitions in the rest of the world that must bring in at least another 30B let’s get your facts straight girl, yeah ?

  7. I hate soccer. I would much rather watch somebody get hit and risk there body's and minds to apply their talents for our entertainment. Soccer isn't physically demanding enough like football, hockey, Lacrosse, rugby and even basketball is. I get that some of you find it difficult to watch "stop and go" sports, but what your truly missing out on is the overall padgentry. Soccer will probably surpass hockey and maybe even basketball, but it will always be seen as a progressing sport in america and I feel like the MLR will one day give the MLS a run for their money, especially if they can manage to get Honolulu and those All Blacks investors back on board.

  8. Bless her she presented that well. And she supports Dulwich Hamlet well that's not a bad start. It's going to take time for our version of football to get even bigger in the states. NFL Football which I enjoy is part of American DNA . But our version of the game will get their in the end . Its important that soccer develops in the states . And the American ladys lead the way I belive.

  9. Because soccer is for sissies and girls. Football is for men. Alpha males. Explains why our women dominate WORLD Soccer, even though it's not even close to flag football in popularity over here.

  10. I know common joke around my part of Canada is they're just a bunch of pansies who go down with a gust of wind to get free kicks/penalties. Who'd want to watch that. I just generally don't like watching football (both kinds) on TV, and we don't have any local teams who are entertaining enough to support. Hockey it is then. 😛

  11. She forgot to mention the motorcycle helmets and plastic shoulder armor they use. It’s meant to make little boys they are important and strong. Like a firefighter,astronaut or construction worker

  12. As an American, I must admit your football is better than our football.

    Sike, our football is way better than your sissy sport! If our best athletes were even remotely interested in soccer, we would dominate world exhibitions like basketball. So, be glad we don't care about soccer so the rest of you can have a chance of winning in tournaments.

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