Iowa State Football has enjoyed an extended period of success under Matt Campbell capped most recently with a Fiesta Bowl win over Oregon after a narrow loss in the Big-12 Championship Game. On Late Kick Live #115 Josh Pate discussed how much about Iowa State is loved by normal college football fans while secretly despised by many administrators and coaches for reasons not evident on the surface. How do you feel about Iowa State? Could Matt Campbell’s program be exposing some flaws in other parts of the country? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel and CLICK THE BELL for notifications as we bring you multiple live shows per week!
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29 comentarios en «How Iowa State Shattered College Football's Window (Late Kick Cut)»
  1. The problem is staff size, pick up a program ( actual game program) for a top 10 team and look at the staff 100, 110! you cant manage 110 people and that is staff not players! So you get a GQ ( gentleman's quarterly) head coach, that is your core issue, is the best coach marketable? FYI Texas list 28 manager/directors they have under staff, and that does not include medical support, grounds support, ticket support….

  2. Was 2020 an anomaly? ISU went through 2020 pretty injury free and covid free. If TCU and KSU bounce back and Texas plays better ISU may revert to the norm. I doubt they are a top ten team on 12/1/2021.

  3. Campbell is the ISU coach we should have hired instead of the one we did back in 2009 LOL. That being said, I’m good with the Harsin hire. He’s young he’s energetic and he’s a great face for the Auburn brand

  4. Matt Campbell has no business accomplishing what he's accomplishing in Ames, but I can guarantee you this if he has an outstanding 2021 season it will be the last year of Coach Campbell, at IowaSt. He either going to the NFL or patrolling the U-M
    football sidelines at AnnHarbor. GoBlue!

  5. I think the Big 12 helps Iowa State by a wide margin. Is Iowa State even being talked about in the SEC? Absolutely not. Texas is down, until otherwise. OU is the bread winner in the Big 12, and recruiting other than Oklahoma and Texas in the Big 12 is HORRIBLE. Campbell is a great coach. However, playing in the Big 12 where the recruiting is lackluster helps Iowa State out tremendously.

    I like the Big 12, but in this instance. Iowa State would be an afterthought in most conferences that are not the Big 12.

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