England – Iraq, FIFA U-20 World Cup Turkey 2013: After going ahead by two goals, the English were shocked in the final 15 minutes of the contest.

Awesome goals from FIFA U-20 World Cup history:

More match highlights from Turkey 2013:

FIFA U-20 World Cup Turkey 2013, Antalya, Akdeniz University Stadium, Group E, 23 June 2013. Full match details:

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  1. ⚫⚪🔴=🇮🇶🦁🤫👉💪👊😌😏
    مــوطــنــي، مــوطــنــي
    الجـلال والجـمال والســناء والبهاء
    فـــي ربــاك، فــي ربـــاك
    والحـياة والنـجاة والهـناء والرجـاء
    فــي هـــواك، فــي هـــواك

    هـــــل أراك، هـــــل أراك
    سالما مـنعما و غانما مكرما
    سالما منعما و غانما مكرما
    هـــــل أراك فـي عـــلاك
    تبـلـغ السـمـاك، تبـلـغ السـماك
    مــوطــنــي، مــوطــنــي

    مــوطــنــي، مــوطــنــي
    الشباب لن يكل همه أن يستقـل أو يبيد
    نستقي من الـردى ولن نكون للعــدى
    كالعـبـيـــــد، كالعـبـيـــــد

    لا نريــــــد، لا نريــــــد
    ذلنا المؤبدا وعيشنا المنكدا
    ذلنا المؤبدا وعيشنا المنكدا
    لا نريــــــد بـل نعيــــد
    مـجـدنا التـليـد، مـجـدنا التليـد
    مــوطــنــي، مــوطــنــي

    مــوطــنــي، مــوطــنــي
    الحسام و اليـراع لا الكـلام والنزاع
    رمــــــزنا، رمــــــزنا
    مـجدنا و عـهدنا واجـب من الوفا
    يهــــــزنا، يهــــــزنا
    عـــــــزنا، عـــــــزنا

    غاية تـشرف و راية ترفرف
    غاية تشرف و راية ترفرف
    يا هـــنــاك فـي عـــلاك
    قاهرا عـــداك، قاهـرا عــداك
    موطني، موطني

  2. Iraq defeated Brazil, Spain, and Germany in the 1980s. We were a great team. Do not forget that we were the best team in Asia in 2007, and the second best team in the Arab Gulf in 2013 Iraq, the only team in the world, won all the world championships, everything was won to the World Cup. This is not difficult. Hard work and teamwork

  3. It is not worth going up, Iraq was closer to winning the title, we must consider the English team, all of them are in Jaddaghwa clubs in the English League and other leagues. As for the Iraqi team, they all play in local clubs and the Iraqi league is intermittent intermittently because of the postponement and not playing matches

  4. Its funny how iraq still manage to draw with the best teams like England and brazil and many more as well as win some but when you look at the reality these countries are economicaly and phyiscally in better conditions compared to iraq and yet iraq is equal with them i wonder and only wonder if iraq was in the same shoe as brazil and all the other  developed counties, i wonder how the strength of iraq will be?

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