Soccer Mom Score – The Role of Soccer Moms

Soccer mom score during election and greatly contributes in any supported party or candidate. The term «soccer mom» commonly refers to women belonging to the middle class family who have sons or daughters playing soccer.

The primary duty of a traditional mom is to parent their children, prepare them for school and drive them to school with their minivans and joins PTA meetings. She is in charge of dropping their kids to different activities like soccer. They are the number one fans of the children during sports competitions. Many of these moms work at home and some have full time jobs. Those are the most common jobs associated with these moms.

But in politics, these moms are no ordinary mothers. These moms are usually active in different NGO work or in many organizational activities. This group is also considered by politicians as one of the voting force which largely influence the election in favor of the candidate they support. The soccer mom score can give a candidate the winning seat. This has been proven during the election of past President Clinton. From then on, politicians value the support of this group and do their best to get the support from them.

We cannot deny the fact that these moms contribute so much in the society. With their devotion and hard work in taking care of a family and participating in social, cultural and political activities is a great ordeal which needs to be recognized and respected. They uphold the discipline and moral of their children in as much as they can.

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