The 80s Have Landed – New Line From Gabicci Vintage

With a history steeped in the styles of the 70s and 80s, Gabicci Vintage owes as much to the football terraces as it does to any other scene. Their’s is a name synonymous with good quality casual clothing, fashioned with the sports fan in mind. Their new range of clothing reflects this grand tradition.

First up is the new range of checked shirts. They have a very classical look, and yet they feel bang up-to-date. Checks have been doing a roaring trade over the past couple of years, and Gabicci have sought to capitalise on this by producing a range that juxtaposes a contemporary look and feel with the classic cuts that they made their name with.

Next up is their selection of polo shirts, which are the jewel in the crown of the current collection. Gabicci have clearly had their noses in the archives for these, producing a line that is so closely modelled of the styles of 1980s terrace culture that you would swear anyone wearing them had just quantum leaped from Mexico ’86. At the same time, these polo shirts eschew the yobbishness associated with this culture, instead going for a quieter, more refined look.

The better part of these shirts is rendered in a dark shade: Greys, blacks and navy blues. Gabbici have accentuated this by adding bright colour – red, green, even purple – to the collar and the edge of the sleeves. They do also carry some simple, plain colour polos in a breadth of shades.

Lastly, is the range of knitwear available. Gabicci’s cardigans are available in two colours: charcoal grey and burgundy. This may sound like a limitation, but is in fact a huge bonus, as these pieces are engineered to be worn in conjunction with the polo shirts mentioned above. A bright, jazzy cardigan would smother the subtle colouring of the shirt underneath. These cardigans, like their companion pieces are very contemporary but also very practical.

The knitwear range is not limited to cardigans: They also offer up a long-sleeved knitted polo shirt. Wear it with a cardigan during them particularly cold Saturday afternoons on the south stand.

Gabbici vintage isn’t just designed with the football fans in mind, and it has applications that stretch far beyond the stadium. Historically, they produce casual wear, and this line is no exception. It’s ideal for the pub, but the cut is smart enough that it could be worn on a big night out or on a date. It is a brand that is favoured by vast swathes of people. The young like it because of its smart-casual styles, and older men prefer it for its nostalgic value.

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