Sports Memorabilia Conventions – A Must For All Serious Collectors

While recently visiting the city of Orlando, I attended a sports memorabilia convention. If you are into the sport memorabilia hobby like I am, specifically game-used memorabilia, you would love this convention. Game-used memorabilia are items that were worn or used in play during an actual sporting event. The items most often sought after are usually game-worn jerseys and autographed baseballs. I actually bought a game-used jersey at the convention that was worn by Cal Ripken Jr., the well know shortstop and third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles. He was one of my childhood role models and most cherished athletes when I was a kid.

This convention had everything a memorabilia collector could ask for. If you were looking for a baseball autographed by the 1929 Chicago White Sox or the jersey of a famous record holder that he or she actually wore, or even if you were in search of an unknown and hard to find athlete’s memento, then you were likely to find it at this sport memorabilia convention.

I have always been drawn in by baseball memorabilia in particular since I am a big follower of the sport. However, the convention did not just showcase baseball items. It had options from the more popular sports like basketball, football, golf and tennis to the less popular such as lacrosse, wrestling and swimming. The assortment was incredible and overwhelming. The place itself was so big it was hard to take in all at once. A veteran collector would know his or her way around the place but a beginner would probably need some time to get his or her bearings.

Collecting is an investment and like all investments it has a level of risk involved. Some of the great players of today might get hurt and not be able to complete their expected career arc. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is a sure way to give a boost to the value of collectibles for that player. Conversely, if a player is not able to finish out their career due to getting hurt, suspended or otherwise, then that can damage your investment. Other things can affect the value of a players’ game-used memorabilia like bad choices in their personal and professional lives.

Take Roberto Alomar, for example, who spit in the face of an umpire or Pete Rose who was caught gambling on baseball and given a lifetime ban. If you were holding some game-used memorabilia of these players during these down times then you surely took a hit to your investment. Whether you are in it for the fun or the money I strongly urge you to check out a sports memorabilia convention like the one I attended in Orlando. You will not be disappointed.

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