Numerous NFL Niches

With September seeing the start of the annual NFL season, it’s a good time to assess the profit potential on offer by using the power of niche marketing…

To be honest, there is no need to wait for the season to be going before you can profit from the NFL – the potential is there all year round.

When I first started with affiliate marketing, one of the first successes I had was with NFL merchandise.

There were, and still, are huge numbers of people searching online for replica helmets and jerseys of their favourite team.

Not massive numbers, but certainly enough to make a profitable market, and here’s an example of how to cash in…

You find a website that sells these replicas, that has an affiliate program, meaning that you get paid a commission of any visitor you send makes a purchase.

You then focus your traffic generating efforts exclusively on those people looking for one team’s jersey, because you know *exactly* what they are after.

You send then to the specific page which displays the jersey in front of them.

This kind of focus pushes your conversion rates right up, because the prospect is pre qualified.

Or, you could set up a site selling jerseys for all the teams, plus the college teams, and market to the general jersey market.

Of course merchandise is not limited to helmets and jerseys, not by a long way!

If the merchandise doesn’t strike you as your bag, you could be an affiliate for game tickets, hotel offers for game day, pay per view TV offers.

It’s a huge list of potential niche markets to explore.

They can be tried almost for free, if not totally for free, and once one succeeds, you can just repeat for any number of others!

Sports fans are always a good buying market – they were before the rise of the internet, and they carry on now!

I like watching the NFL – not just for the massive hits in tackles, but for all the niche market potential just waiting to be tapped!

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