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Epic Dives In Football 2020/2021
1. Diviners – Falling (ft. Harley Bird) [Radio Mix]
2. Arc North – Heroic
intro song: DELAY. – Dào (feat. King Sol)

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Por Madvids97

46 comentarios en «EPIC Dives In Football 2021»
  1. 5:04 if salah don't dive dias maybe would be get red card there, but referee seeing him let's make it 50:50

    i mean it will be red card foul pulling for last man, but salah fell was to excessive, like pulling from back but fell to front…xD

  2. So annoying watching a player whose body is so big that they fell so easily to a scrawny player. (adama traore for example) football in thr 90s – 2000s was the era where you fall/dive you fucked up for your own team, cuz it will cost you a goal. But now, it's all about winning penalties pfft so dumb.

  3. That lazio v Dortmund decision 😂😂

    Also, no surprise to see Fernandes and Salah.

    Let’s be honest, most, if not all footballers are cheats in some ways. Any little contact and they’re holding their face etc to try and gain any sort of advantage, shame really.

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