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49 comentarios en «Legendary DIVES In Football»
  1. Di Maria: lying down waiting for the foul
    Neymar: That's my job stop.
    the ref: I SEEE You
    PSG: Foul foul common it a foul (swearing-in french)
    Leipzig: Get up u donkey ( In German)
    Commentators: (excited to comment on a fight)

  2. How is actually being tripped is a dive. Learn the def of diving because iunder true def majority will be madrid players but according to madrid fans offside rule applues to opponents only as well.

  3. Pretty disgraceful really considering their role models highly paid athletes!
    Diving has been mouldy in football for years. Neymar Suarez Robben Salah & half of man utds team lol. All literally cheat to win. The times has changed. Footballers were men in short shorts with a tash mullets & baggy kit.
    Now aint it all tight fit snug, opponents can't tug on ur shirt but looks as they got rammed up the arsenal by a raging bull with a sniper.
    Fact that majority are not punished for simulating to cut this shit out the game.
    Seconds thoughts. Funny As f@$k these swan dives

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